Best Apple Pie Recipe Ever!

Mouthwatering apples with sugar and cinnamon are nested between 2 layers of the flaky and tender crust- amazing! People with a passion for pie crust will appreciate this double-crust delight: Flaky layers of dough encase a sweet, sticky apple filling.

This simple yet decadent apple pie is easy to make. Bake in oven or a cast iron skillet for a no-muss, no-fuss holiday staple.

Detailed recipe and credit – Melanie Cooks

Apple Lattice Pie Baked in an Apple

Does it get any better than apple-shaped apple pie?! With its Apple pie filling and lattice pie crust, this pie is sure to earn Best in Show.

Apple pie filling is poured into a hollowed apple and topped with an easy lattice pie crust. So easy and impressive! The next time you’re in charge of dessert, make this beautiful pie to wow the pants off your guests.

Detailed recipe and credit – tablespoon

Mini Apple Rose Pies

It’s official! Everything is cuter—and more delicious—when it’s bite-sized. You wont’ feel guilty having more than one piece of pie with these mini-sized delights.

Is there a more addicting dessert out there than this beautiful Mini Apple Rose Pies? We think not.

Detailed recipe and credit – fmitk


Making these cookies is pretty much just like assembling an apple pie … only smaller. You can call these cute apple pie cookies a “truly decadent treat.”

You wont’feel guilty having more than one piece of pie with these 4 bite-sized delights. Now you can reach your weight-loss goals and enjoy a fruit-filled dessert.

Detailed recipe and credit – thekitchenismyplayground

Apple Pie Blondies

Apple pies get all the attention in fall. Why not bring a little excitement to the classic dessert by making a rustic and beautiful blondies instead? Apple pie f曲ng topping is the star of this recipe.

You can serve these blondies as a little snack, all on it’s own, or you can add caramel and ice cream on top to serve as a full dessert.

Detailed recipe and credit – willcookforsmiles

Valentine’s Apple Rose Tart

An apple rose tart that will make your loved one drop their chin! It’s not only a piece of art but also absolutely delicious. A crunchy nut crust with sweet apples and maple custard, what else can you want in life?

Combine all the best flavors of fall in this sweet heart dish. Mix local apple varieties to yield a heavenly perfumed pie.

Detailed recipe and credit – greenhealthycooking



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